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Our Volunteers


Ryan Brigham

Ryan has always had a passion for food. Whether they were growing food in their garden, cooking, or just eating, it has always been a central part of their life. Since moving to Vancouver in 2020, they have sought employment at vegan restaurants to learn new skills and techniques, and to learn new ways plants can be used to create our favourite dishes without the use of animal products. In their spare time, they enjoy reading, playing basketball, and getting together with friends."

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Morgan Johnson

Morgan is the Lead Zero Waste Educator at Chickpeace Zero Waste in Kelowna and is passionate about sustainable living (and eating!) and food security for all. She has a history of volunteering with various food security initiatives within the Okanagan and is always looking for ways to reduce her footprint on our home planet. She is excited to be volunteering with EcoCooks to teach and learn from future generations about how our diet can play a huge role in the footprint we leave.

Kyra Lowe.png

Kyra Lowe

Kyra is an undergraduate student studying Food, Nutrition, and Health. They love to be active whether it's playing ringette, rock climbing, or simply being outdoors! As someone who is passionate about nutrition and the earth, they're excited to continue exploring the role food plays in our day-to-day life.


Sheila Pack

Sheila's favourite place to be is at the beach and in the water. She loves to hit the gym or run outside daily and is passionate about health and wellness. Sheila has been a nurse for 20 plus years and feels passionate about learning and creating healthy lifestyle patterns and passing on her knowledge and insight.

Yuki Strachan.png

Yuki Strachan

Yuki is a CEA with an MA in English Literature and Cultural Studies. She is passionate about creating inclusive environments where all cultures, exceptionalities and diversities are embraced and celebrated. She owns her own food business, has a FoodSafe certificate and has studied Food Therapy to cook an anti-inflammatory diet. She is a mother of two and enjoys plant-based cooking and exploring food from various cultures.


Christina Watkinson

Christina currently lives in Naramata with her husband, youngest son and 2 dogs. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her dogs and volunteering with animals. She has been passionate about plant based cooking for the past 6 years and is excited to be part of the EcoCooks community!


"Papa" George Webster

George loves volunteering with EcoCooks. He has been a vegetarian for nearly a quarter of a century and loves cooking. George believes that EcoCooks makes important educational links between our food choices and climate change, he especially loves the 'hands on' food preparation each week with awesome EcoCooks' leaders, other volunteers and young people participating in the program.

Happily retired from his work in bioethics and ethics consultation, George enjoys spending much of his free time with his wife Judith, and his grown children and wonderful grandchildren. He also volunteers with two other organizations in the local community.

Tracy Withers.jpg

Tracy Withers

Tracy worked with the school district in both Kamloops and Kelowna since September 2011. First as a CEA in the classrooms and then more recently as a library and office assistant, before retiring in May 2022. Tracy has been a passionate, plant-based, vegan for 6 years. Tracy also volunteers for the program "Chefs In The Classroom" here in the Okanagan, in the school district. When not volunteering Tracy loves to; hike paddleboard, kayak, bike, snowshoe, cross country ski, swim, and loves living in the Okanagan where local fruit and veggies are abundant!


Olivia Hall

Olivia has grown up in Kelowna, enjoying many activities such as downhill skiing, cross country skiing, biathlon, track and field, mountain biking, choir, swimming and roller blading. Olivia has been in the kitchen from a young age and especially enjoys cooking Italian foods.  Olivia is excited to be helping out with Ecocooks as a youth volunteer, having enjoyed completing the program herself.


Solara Wirischagin

Solara is one of our first EcoCooks youth volunteers. After completing our EcoCooks Club program Solars was inspired to return to empower other youth. She loves to cook and try new food. She has many interests which include singing, animals, and drawing. She cares about the planet, enjoys learning cool enviro facts and about how our choices and actions impact the earth. Solara plans to continue to do her part and share what she has learned with her family and friends!



Tyler moved to Kelowna 3 years ago and can often be seen at the Harvest Golf Course. Along with golf, Tyler enjoys hockey, basketball, pickleball, skiing and anything outdoors. Tyler got introduced to cooking through EcoCooks and has not looked back – He loves getting his hands dirty in the kitchen and is excited to be helping others get excited!



Sophia is so passionate about cooking, bike riding, playing soccer, and protecting the planet. She is really excited to return to eco cooks as an alumni because she learnt so much herself as a participate.  She has 3 dishes she really loves that are now on the regular family schedule and she makes them for dinner.  She is looking forward to teaching and learning with the next generation of eco cooks participants. 

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