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EcoCooks Club

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Fun-filled with interactive games, delicious cooking, and a field trip, EcoCooks Club youth participants learn new skills while taking action for the planet.

EcoCooks is a science-based environmental cooking program that creates a strong foundation for youth to develop lifelong healthy and planet-positive eating habits.

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Our Curriculum

Through hands-on experiences, our EcoCooks will:

  • Learn about kitchen safety and hygiene

  • Cook and eat a variety of delicious, sustainable meals together

  • Learn about balanced plates as per the Canada Food Guide

  • Practice different cooking skills and gain kitchen confidence

  • Prepare a meal for their families using a provided Take Home Meal Kit

  • Connect with the local community through a field trip, when possible

  • Learn about the environmental and climate impacts of food choices through fun and interactive science-based activities

  • Create a strong foundation to develop lifelong healthy and planet-positive eating habits

  • Be empowered to do their part to save the planet

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