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EcoCooks School

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EcoCooks School engages teachers and students in Core and Curricular Competencies with a focus on hands-on, student-centered learning.

EcoCooks is a science-based environmental cooking program that addresses how food choices impact the health of our planet.

Registration in Metro Vancouver and Calgary is now open!

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EcoCooks School is developed and delivered in partnership with the Elements Society.

Our Modules

Module 1:

EcoCooks 101

Turnip the heat on climate change!

This introductory module covers climate change basics, the role of food systems within the carbo cycle, as well as an introduction to foodprinting and eco-recipe development.

Module 2:

Our Food + The Planet

Where food comes from and why we should carrot all!

Topics cover sustainable and unsustainable food systems and how our food impacts land and water resources.

Module 3:

How to Beet Food Waste

Encourange mint for zero waste practices!

Students learn the importance of waste prevention and preservation, as well as creative ways to upcycle scraps into recipes and home-gardens.

Module 4:

Future of Food

Lettuce find solutions!

Where we've been where we are, and we are going. The Future of Food explores Indigenous food practices, eco-action and innovative food growing, and development practices that have the potential to reduce our foodprints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign my class up for just 1 module? Or multiple modules but in different orders?

Yes! To provide teachers with flexible options, EcoCooks has been developed in four modules which can be taken independently, as a series, back-to-back, or spaced throughout a semester.

How long is each module?

Each module was designed to be one week in length (4 sessions) and includes an optional pre-session (Module 0) which teachers are encouraged to deliver ahead of time. We do our best to work with teachers to accommodate alternate delivery requests.

What class/subject area(s) is this program available for?

At present, the program has been designed for delivery within Food Studies classrooms for grades 8-10, however, we do our best to adapt the program for other classroom disciplines upon request.

What is the cost of this program?

For the Spring 2022 semester, this pilot program is offered for FREE within Metro Vancouver, however, space is limited so please apply soon!

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