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About Us

EcoCooks was established by Unbounded Canada Foundation in partnership with the Elements Society.

Our Mission

To empower youth to take climate action by connecting how our food choices impact the planet

Our Vision

A thriving planet supported by environmental leaders and sustainable food systems

Our Values

We strive…

To act with Integrity – We let science speak first

To be Innovative – Like our programs, we’re continuously evolving

To be Collaborative – We work together with the community to strengthen learning opportunities and action

To be Inclusive – We pursue equity in the development and delivery of programs

To be Interdisciplinary – We believe environmental conversations are relevant in every subject

Our Goals

  1.  Enhance Knowledge: Enhance environmental and food literacy

  2. Develop Skills: Develop culinary skills and confidence

  3. Inspire Action: Inspire personal environmental leadership

  4. Build Community: Build a community of locally and globally responsible citizens

Image by Hoach Le Dinh
Girl eating plant based food
EcoCooks Club logo full colour

EcoCooks Club is an afterschool program for youth in grades 4-7. Programs are offered FREE in Kelowna and Metro Vancouver.

Girl enjoying plant based food
EcoCooks School logo full colour

EcoCooks School is available for grades 8-12. Programs are offered FREE in Metro Vancouver and Calgary classrooms.

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