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Updated: Apr 27

Welcome back to our Zero Food Waste Series, where we share how you can save your dollars and the planet! 🌎

Join Educator Ella as she shares how we can reduce food waste and cut down on holiday plastics!🎄

Did you know tinsel garland is plastic-based and therefore takes at least 450 years to decompose in a landfill!? 🤯

Let’s make this holiday season eco-friendly by creating our own garlands from leftover citrus peels! 🍋

Here’s how:

💚Collecting Citrus Peels:

  • Save the peels from your juiced and consumed citruses.

💚Preparing Citrus Peels:

  • Remove what's left from the inside, leaving just the citrus peels.

💚Cutting Shapes:

  • Select the cookie cutter shape of your choice and cut out shapes from the peels.

💚Making Holes:

  • Using a toothpick or a needle, poke a hole in the citrus shapes.

💚Drying the peel:

  • Let the peels air dry for 1 day.

💚Assembling the Garland:

  • Choose material for attaching citrus shapes, such as thread, yarn, twine, etc and thread through the holes.


  • Wrap your finished garland around your Christmas tree, hang from fairy lights or use as a wall display! 🤩

♻️When you are done with your citrus peel garland, remember to compost the dried peel and re-use the string!

How are you reducing your waste this holiday season?

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