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What We Do

EcoCooks is a one of a kind, plant-powered, planet-positive program
on a mission to empower youth to take climate action
by connecting how our food choices impact the planet.

Image by Hoach Le Dinh
young girl enjoying plant based food
EcoCooks Club Logo full Colour

EcoCooks Club is an afterschool program for youth in grades 4-7. Programs are offered FREE in Kelowna and Metro Vancouver.

Teenage girl enjoying plant based food
EcoCooks School Logo full black and white

EcoCooks School is available for grades 8-12. Programs are offered FREE in Metro Vancouver and Calgary classrooms.

Our Impact

“EcoCooks Club is revolutionary. EcoCooks Club equips children with both the knowledge and confidence to step out into the world of eco-friendly cooking and put together delicious, healthy, nutritious, planet-friendly meals that make their bellies smile!”

Isabella, Parent

“I love EcoCooks Club. It's amazing and it teaches you how to make yummy food, make a balanced plate, how to save the environment, and teaches you things you would usually learn when you are older.”

Lily, Participant

"My son loved EcoCooks Club. He learned so much about the environmental impact of what we eat and really enjoyed the cooking (and eating!) element too…I truly hope that you can take this further so that more children can benefit.”

Julia, Parent
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