Our Program

In our plant-powered program, our EcoCooks create a new healthy dish while learning about food and its impact on the environment, and how they can be a part of building a sustainable planet.

Our Curriculum

With key contributions from our expert Advisory Team, the Elements Society has developed our unique and impactful curriculum. Elements Society is a non-profit organization, founded in 1983, of education professionals with expertise in facilitation, project management, program and leadership development. Programs offered by the Elements Society empower young sustainability leaders to affect positive change in their schools, workplaces and communities.

Through hands-on experiences, our EcoCooks will learn about:

  • Kitchen safety and hygiene
  • Healthy, balanced plates as per the Canada Food Guide
  • Reading recipes and measuring ingredients
  • Using a variety of kitchen tools
  • Cleaning up as you go
  • Planning a meal while making healthy choices for themselves and the environment
  • Exploring environmental concepts of land use, water use and pollution, biodiversity, food waste, climate change and how they are connected to food choices
  • Connecting where food comes from through a field trip to a farm or grocery store, when possible
  • Celebrating with food! When possible at the end of each program, EcoCooks will share their newly found knowledge and skills with their families through a celebration dinner.

Past Programs

EcoCooks Club Pilot Program
Salvation Army Kelowna
April - May 2021

Current Programs

EcoCooks Fall Program
Salvation Army Kelowna
September - November 2021

Upcoming Programs

Elements Society Pilot
BC & Alberta Public Schools
in partnership with Elements Society
Spring 2022
A redesigned version of the EcoCooks Program for an in-school setting


Creating a fun class experience while keeping all kids, staff,
and our community safe is our top priority